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Mini & Junior Football

Ynysygerwn new Mini and Junior Section was set up 8 seasons ago, 2010/11 season, when Andrea Price Jones and Terence Powell started a side at Under 10's.


The side, the Under 18's in 2018/19 season, struggled on the pitch but always fielded a side over the years and finally in 2016/17 season first team player Jonathan Davies took over. Jonathan led the side to their highest position and also to a West Wales Cup 1/4 final, which was remarkable for a side that had only won a handful of games in the first six years of playing.

During the transition of this age group, other sides started at the club. Terence started his Under 6's in 2012, while Craig Thomas took his Under 9's side, unfortunately this side disbanded in 2016/17 season due to a lack of players after a couple of very successful years.


At the start of the 2015/16 season senior players Chris Clarke and Gareth Lewis started an Under 8's side, while Scott Rees brought his Briton Ferry side to the club where they played Under 12's football.


In the forthcoming seasons the mini and junior sections really took off. At the start of the 2016/17 Nicholas Maggs and Mark Thomas started the Under 6's and 7's , with Louise Gibb and Iwan Shopland eventually taking over the Under 7's team, while the following season Clarke started an Under 6's side along with Jeremy Cole and Natalie Budge. 

This season (2018/19) has seen a new Under 9's side start, Ynysygerwn United, with Lyndon Joshua along with Budge coaching the side and during the recent weeks first team manager Nicholas Maggs has started an Under 5's team alongside coaches Barrie Herdman and Michael Powell.

Current sides, Coaches & Committee

2019/20 Season

Under 6's (Two sides) - Barrie Herdman, Michael Powell, Nicholas Maggs

Under 8's (Two sides)  - Jeremy Cole, Natalie Budge, Richie Rees, Maxx Williams 

Under 9's (Two sides) - Mark Thomas, Gareth Lewis, Jonathan Davis

Under 10s's - Iwan Shopland, Louise Gibb

Under 10's United - Lyndon Joshua, Natalie Budge

Under 12's - Chris Clarke, Gareth Lewis

Under 14's - Terence Powell

Under 15's - Chris Evans, Kevin Davies

Junior Secretary - Marie Parfitt (07740 428451)

Junior Fixture Secretary - Terence Powell (07941 818522)

Junior Contact for all sides - Andrea Price Jones (07988 336069)

Mini / Junior honours

2017/18 Season - Under 12's - West Glamorgan Junior Football League Winners

2016/17 Season - Under 12's - West Glamorgan Junior Football Cup

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